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a participating FotoFocus Biennial 2014 event at NVISION


photography & photo composites by


Girl Detective - A.Millette

GIRL DETECTIVE is a photographic exploration of the Nancy Drew character through time. From her inception through the present, her written persona has evolved to meet current ideals of what a strong, independent female character should embody and how she relates to her society. As Nancy Drew books and styles changed over time, so have the descriptions and visual interpretations of what this means to different generations of young women. She entered the scene as a brash, young, 18 year old, taking on mysteries wherever she went. In the 1960’s she appears as more of the ‘girl next door’ who never has a hair out of place. Modern Nancy Drew has again adapted and embodies the independent teen girl, although she is aging in reverse!

“In the creation of this series, I researched the classic book titles, the cover art, and the series illustrations as inspiration in building the visual worlds in which each image and character are photographed. It is in these drawn versions of Nancy Drew as well as the written descriptions that so many young women sought to mold themselves. There was nothing Nancy Drew could not do, discover, or uncover, and she was always working in the best interest of some innocent victims.

“While working on this project, I realized that photography today is at it’s closest in process to illustration. I approached these montage/composite images by treating the camera like a pencil or brush; the details were photographed, then drawn together within the digital post-processing arena. Now more than any other time through Photography’s history this type of image building has become common. No longer do audiences feel fooled by composited images, or awed by their technique, this Photographic manipulation is fully embraced in both commercial and artistic photography.

“The series opens with a recreation composite image of the iconic Nancy Drew silhouette, and progresses on with 2 images to represent the original Nancy Drew book titles. Each book title includes a large portrait of each Nancy, and an additional composite image based off of the cover art, illustrations, and plot lines from the books. I chose to have each book featuring a different woman play the part of Nancy, representative of the influence of the character in so many young women over the years. “

ANDREA MILLETTE is a fine art photographer working in and around the Cincinnati area. Millette earned her BFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design and her MFA from the Academy of Art University. Over the years, she has worked as a digital technician in a commercial studio, staff photographer and writer for a newspaper, and since 1998 has been a full time photography Instructor at Antonelli College in Cincinnati, Ohio. While teaching, she has also pursued many personal photographic projects, and exhibited extensively in the Cincinnati area, and participates in both group and solo exhibitions regionally and nationally. In 2004 she was promoted to her current position of Department Chair, where she continues to teach as well as manage the photography department, and create her fine art photography.





Select furniture now at NVISION

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Local delivery is available for an additional charge.

Light up your life with one of these
fabulous lamps

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Handmade jewelry by
Nikki Zehler of Love Root

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Gift certificates for NVISION merchandise are available for that special someone

Consider giving the gift of store credit at NVISION for that special someone who appreciates handmade designs, fun clothing, and vintage housewares.  Gift certificates are available for any denomination, and can be used for NVISION merchandise or clothing alterations & repair services.

Perfect holiday gift idea = vintage imagery + the art of screenprinting + ecofriendliness + small business support

Vintage linen napkins screenprinted with a variation on an image from the U.S. National Archives, from a series of World War II Posters,

encouraging healthy well-rounded eating habits, and an end to using paper napkins in the home; this product is produced by NVISION

 $25/set of 6 • $20/set of 4 • $10/pair

Did you know NVISION also does
clothing alterations and custom fitting?

That’s right, we want your clothes to fit you well. Whether you buy them from NVISION or bring in clothes from your closet, we can help you with customizations and repairs of your new and old favorite clothes. Pricing is $10/hour for clothes you bring in, or FREE for clothes you buy from NVISION (excepting elaborate reconstructions which are priced out per job based on level of complexity).

Examples of alterations include:

  • shortening of a hem
  • letting a hem out
  • making a shirt/dress sleeveless or short-sleeved
  • adding a cap-sleeve to a sleeveless shirt/dress
  • reshaping the neckline of a shirt/dress
  • taking in a shirt/dress/pant that is too wide
  • adding fabric to a garment to enlarge it
  • making pants into shorts
  • repairing/patching holes
  • button/zipper/elastic replacement

The list goes on, use your imagination!

Handmade beautiful & functional pottery by Bethany Rose Kramer

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“Painstakingly forged” wristlets & purses by Saint Lexi

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Limited edition screenprinted onesie designs by Amber Reis, $11 each


These and other screenprint designs are available in a limited variety of sizes and fabrics.

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Vintage curtains for your home

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Small handmade wallhangings by
Amber Reis

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Check out these vintage designer sunglasses now available

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Limited edition adult t-shirt designs
by the talented Amber Reis

Available in a limited variety of sizes, fabric colors, and inks.

Pop culture bracelets & earrings
by Todd Popp & Doug Motz of PoMoGalaxy

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These pieces are handmade by Todd Popp & Doug Motz of PoMoGalaxy, using polymer clay, glass, and photography. They can also do custom designs using your favorite personal photos, popular culture characters or imagery…think souvenir, heirloom, or just plain fun. Visit NVISION to see examples of the jewelry in person, or visit the PoMoGalaxy website for more information and further examples of their work.


When you buy from local artists, not only do you own a one-of-a-kind piece that you won’t see anywhere else, but you also invest in the local economy and the creative vitality of the region.

Handmade items at NVISION include…

  • Screenprinted onesies, toddler wear, adult T-shirts, cloth napkins, tea towels, placemats, pillows, prints, wallhangings, table runners, aprons and more by AMBER REIS
  • Purses & wristlets by SAINT LEXI
  • Semi-precious stone jewelry by LARA RADKEY
  • Functional ceramic pieces by BETHANY KRAMER
  • Jewelry by NIKKI ZEHLER
  • Original greeting cards, postcards & gift tags by SARA PEARCE
  • Art glass pendants by RACHEL RUSSO
  • Screenprinted trivets by MAYA DROZDZ of VisuaLingual
  • Studded leather cuff bracelets, belts & purses by MIKE STOCKS of Request Leather
  • Pop culture bracelets and earrings by TODD POPP & DOUG MOTZ of PoMo Galaxy
  • Handblown drinking glasses by CHAD CULLY
  • Functional ceramic pieces by NICHOLAUS HAAR, the Madville Hatter
  • Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bowls, purses, soap dishes, coaster sets, lampshades and more, all made from record albums by KAREN DENGLER of Retired Records
  • Cuff links, key chains, tie clips, money clips, bottle stoppers,and bobby pins by KRISTY SICKLES of Daisy Mae Designs
  • Stationery, notebooks, greeting cards, and papier mache animals by KAREN BOYHEN
  • Screenprinted T-shirts & hoodies by MATT HAMBY of Hambone Clothing
  • Women’s clothing by HELEN SMITH
  • Shoulder bags by PILAR GARZA
  • Polymer clay jewelry and quilted fabric postcards by AMY WALLACE of OvenFried Beads
  • And, of course, 2D & 3D art by a rotating variety of artists!

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