NVISION Sidewalk Sale Saturday 8/8 + World’s Longest Yard Sale!

Please join us this Saturday 8/8, 10am-3pm, for a blow-out sidewalk sale + multi-seller event in conjunction with the World’s Longest Yard Sale!

Shop by the Comet strip mall THIS Saturday to browse lots of miscellaneous women’s clothing, women’s shoes (lots of size 10 & 8/8.5), some menswear, vintage housewares, vintage lamps, vintage cameras, vintage games, vintage wall art, vintage furniture including some scratch & dent MCM furniture, kid stuff, and who knows what else we’ll dig up, come see!

+ Please note, this is not your typical NVISION shopping experience, as there will be lots of contemporary (non-vintage) items as well, in an effort to make up for loss of income due to COVID, as well as clear out and prepare to move the restructured biz to a new smaller location, continuing to operate by appointment/online only (move date TBA–please contact me for your clothing alterations/repair needs in the meantime, as this is currently my main income).

+ Please wear a mask and social distance while shopping.

+ Cash & Credit accepted.

+ This event is in conjunction with the World’s Longest Yard Sale – The 127 Corridor Sale that runs from Michigan to Alabama along US-127 aka Hamilton Avenue in Northside!



Since the last NVISION email announcing that I would not be re-opening the shop, I need to clarify that the shop is not closing per se, except for the chapter that is PRE-COVID… The plan is to close out all consignment accounts, and move the remaining operation to a new smaller location, what I own outright, minus the browsing/furniture/housewares, and to continue in a more service-focused manner as it relates to selling vintage clothing, personal styling, and of course, clothing alterations/repair and other sewing projects, as always.

So while the shop as you knew it is no longer, I remain available to help you find/create what you’re envisioning to wear, to the extent that I can help execute that. Best way to stay in touch and send inquiries is to email [email protected], or leave a voicemail/text at 513-542-4577.



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to this episode, it is everything I’ve been trying to put into words about consumerism and the global impact on the economy, as well as the world’s resources. Please have a listen!


Original broadcast date: May 1, 2020, 51 minutes:

“As the pandemic reveals the weaknesses of our economy, businesses and consumers are rethinking what they value. This hour, TED’s Corey Hajim shares ideas on shifting the role of business in society.”



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TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, call or text 513-542-4577, email [email protected], or message via social media.