More big changes with NVISION + a heavy personal note


I’ve decided not to reopen the NVISION storefront. The world is changing by the day, and there will be no going back to what once was. This is a good thing. Change is desperately necessary, deep systemic change — *more on that below.

As it relates to NVISION, I will be spending the next month or so returning consigned merchandise, closing out consignment accounts, and preparing to move the remainder of the operation to a new smaller Northside location to be by appointment/online only, if there is even a still a market for it going forward.

I will continue to be available for clothing alterations and repairs, right now this is my main income, so please hit me up with your sewing jobs! I will continue to list clothing to be available for purchase on the shop website (will be slow-going for awhile), and can still attempt to pull items from the remaining inventory, to match your size and taste preferences, upon request. Also, if you’re inclined, please visit the shop website and see if any of the furniture for sale interests you, everything must go, and that stuff sure takes up space! This is as much as I can share right now, as I do not have a hard date for clearing out and completing the transition.

If you have an open consignment account with me, please either send me an email, or expect to hear from me soon, to schedule an appointment to close out your account, retrieve your items and any monetary balance due.

Please bear with me as I dismantle almost 13 years of the shop; I’m okay with it, I can still breathe, you get me? I am white. I have racial blind spots. I am working on identifying and acknowledging them in an effort to eradicate them, for starters, and forever. There is a lot of important work yet to be done. Join me.





* I implore you to watch this documentary film, Cincinnati Goddamn, ASAP, available to watch FREE until June 18th, on the Wexner Center for the Arts’ website, linked HERE and below. Cincinnati Goddamn is a film by Cincinnati-native/Oakland-based filmmaker April Martin, and co-director Paul Hill. This film is a portrait of an American city, our city, as it relates to systemic police brutality, a broken justice system, and a failure to see Black Americans as human. Also, I want you to remember this film every time you are in Over-the-Rhine. Every time you pass a black stranger on the street. Every time you think about calling the police…

“Released as 2013’s Black Lives Matter movement gained traction in the United States, Cincinnati Goddamn investigates the city’s complicated history with anti-black racism and police brutality. The feature-length documentary brings these issues into focus through incidents involving 29-year-old Roger Owensby Jr. and 19-year-old Timothy Thomas. Between 1995 and 2001, Cincinnati police killed 15 black men including Owensby and Thomas, ultimately resulting in 2001’s citywide boycotts, riots, and unrest. Hill and Martin’s exhaustive reporting includes perspectives from all sides of the conflict, including Owensby’s father, mother, and daughter; Thomas’s mother; attorneys for the Owensby and Thomas families; former Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen; local police (some of whom participated in the incidents); and many others. The film is further contextualized through interviews with leading black historian Manning Marable (1950–2011) and writer and civil rights activist Michelle Alexander.”

You can buy a copy of the film direct from the film’s website,, or if you’d like to send some monetary appreciation for the film and your ability to watch it FREE, she’s asked that your support be redirected locally, here in Cincinnati, to an organization doing anti-racist work, such as Cradle Cincinnati, which is “was founded in 2012 as a collaborative effort between parents, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and community members with a commitment to reduce infant mortality in our community.”






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